SoccerIdea Automated Betting Solution

Do you want to do trades hands free without having to be by laptop for hours, and profit guaranteed!
SoccerIdea Automated Betting

What is SoccerIdea Automated Betting?

Socceridea Automated Betting is a solution that uses the guaranteed profitable, and Kelly Criterion-based betting tips provided by SoccerIdea for automated betting with a Bot software.


The Kelly Criterion system has shown up as a strategic tactic deployed by some of the most legendary investors.

Warren Buffett is said to have used it early and often in his career and even today when he trades in his personal account.

3 Steps Easy Way To Set up

Only need 3 steps, you can enjoy the joy of SoccerIdea Automated Betting.


Step 1: Signup An Account

Download The Bot And Install

Step 2 : Download The Bot And Install

Run! Profit!

Step 3 : Run! Profit!

Doing Trades Free Hands

Doing trades hands free without having to be by laptop for hours, and profit guaranteed!
Doing Trades Free Hands
Subscription Tips More Better

Higher Success Rate, More Better

  • More than 100,000 betting tips per year
  • All betting tips are in-play
  • All available in Betfair

Fully Automated Betting With Bot

  • Bot has functionality to import/export strategies files.
  • Importing and betting on tips from SoccerIdea subscription can be fully automated.
  • Bets and results are automatically saved and can also be exported to CSV file.
  • Reporting of failed conditions and explanation why bets are not being placed
  • Fully automated generating stake amount or percentage of betting bank based on your preferences
No Block, No Limited

No Limitations

Betfair Exchange welcomes winners! You can make money as you like, no worries about limited or blocked any more.

Serious Security! Betfair Verified Vendor Program

Bot is approved and certified by Betfair security team.
Serious Security!

Have a free trial today!

Get immediate access to ten thousands of betting tips with over 50% chance every month!

3rd Party Integrations

SoccerIdea Automated Betting Solution works with Betfair Exchange, and Betfair verified BF Bot Manager software, also BetDaq Bot available!


Betfair Exchange

Betfair's Betting Exchange lets you bet against other people and get great odds on thousands of markets every day.
BF Bot Manager

BF Bot Manager

BF BOT MANAGER is official solution for Betfair NG-API and allows you to run unlimited number of strategies/bots at same time. Only limitation is your computer speed!



BETDAQ is the second largest sports betting exchange in the world.

Free Betting Tips VS Pro Subscription

Free Betting Tips Pro Subscription
Tournaments Coverage 800+ 800+
Bookmakers Coverage 30+ Soft bookies Betfair Exchange, Betdaq
Markets Coverage 1x2, Draw No Bet, Total 1x2, Draw No Bet
Tips Pushed Time Pre-match uncertain time In-play push
Monthly Porfit Guaranteed More profit, higher efficiency
Automated Betting Absolutely hand free.
Time On Betting Every Day More than 10 hours Only less than 10 minutes for routine maintenance
Start Banking Funds About €/£ 2000(based on selection stakes About less than €/£ 2000(based on selection stakes)
Custom Stake
Risk No limitations
Customer Support Ticket Support, Skype Suport 24/7


Check what the valuable users around the world say about our SoccerIdea betting tips and Automated Betting.
Keep up the great work this is the only way to get even with the bookies and make profits long term from trading on sports. Well done!
I'm using Soccer idea now and so far the ROI for the day is 13.79% which is insane :-) I made great profits again yesterday I'm so happy I discovered soccer idea please update me on anything new that you do thanks.
Just imagine doing these tredes hands free without having to be by laptop for hours:)
Not to ask nothing this time, only to say thank you, this new bot is really TOP, not only because i have one complete month with real money positive, but because is really a peace of art this platform with so many variables cover.
And we can test nearly everything that comes in our mind.
Look good at the Moment everything is working and first bet is placed sucessfully!!
It is always/only betting on the newest tip on the socceridea site right?
It placed the newest tip now and waiting for the next.... i will check and report to you but at the moment.... wauuuuuu GOOOD JOB !!!
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